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What are Content Management Systems or CMS?

CMS or Content Management System for short is an application that allows small businesses or even blogger to create and management digital content. Simply put it allows you to build websites or blogs or both in 1 platform.

Content Management System applications have given small businesses and up and coming bloggers a tool that can get them noticed. Just think how hard it would have been to create any meaningful digital footprint without paying an arm and a leg?

CMS systems levels the playing field to an extent more so for small and up and coming entrepreneurs and bloggers it takes away a large cost factor and for upstarts saving any amount of money is key for success.

What are the advantages of a CMS system?

Content Management Systems offer a variety of advantages but let’s look at some key benefits:

  • Easy to use – Most of us would be absolutely confused if we had to look at code or even try to do it ourselves but CMS systems removes that and allows you to use premade templates to design that website or blog, how you see fit.

  • Cost effective – Paying for web design can become very expensive very fast. Most CMS platforms offer a free plan within limitations like WordPress which offers you plans with custom domains.

  • Design freedom – CMS platforms allows you to install page builders like Elementor which allow you drag and drop options to build beautiful websites without the help of a web designer

  • E-commerce – For those of us who sell products, having an ecommerce site is vital to the success of your business. Some of the most notable E-commerce website CMS platforms are Shopify and for a builder E-commerce a well-known platform is Woo E- commerce and the very well known Magento

  • Get optimized – Get your website or blog ranking by improving your SEO, Social Signals etc. This can be archived by installing a plugin to assist you and a popular SEO plug for CMS platforms is Yoast SEO and RankMath

  • You are in control – From to finish to the colour of your font and headers, you have total control over how and what happens to your website \ blog. You have the freedom of knowing that you have no in between person to deal with.

Why are Content Management Systems important ?

Why are they important? Simply put it’s a tool that gives you great leverage and a great platform to showcase your product or service. To small businesses it’s the stone in David’s sling as he went to fight Goliath.

Content Management Systems are a modern marvel .It allows anyone and everyone a chance to partake in the digital marketplace.


Best website CMS ?

WordPress makes up 36 percent of the global websites as we know it but some great alternatives are Wix and Squarespace

Best E-commerce CMS ?

The best E-Commerce CMS platforms are plentiful but some of the big names are Shopify, Magento and Woo E-commerce

Best Blog CMS?

Some of the best Blog CMS platforms are WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla