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Valrizon Consulting is an SEO , Digital Marketing & Customer Management agency  based in Durban South Africa and our goal is to help Businesses solve the only problem that matters, which is how do I grow or scale my business? How do I take what I have and take it to where I want it to be? Naturally such a complex problem can’t be solve so easily so we provide a dynamic multi prong solution to this.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as its better know is an organic form of digital marking which has many measuring metrics but just to name a few : content creation , site ranking and keyword optimization are just  a few of those measuring metrics. Googles statistics have shown that on a normal day there are 5,6 Billion searches and annually there is a 10% growth in searches  , think about the last time you searched something…ever went past the 1st page of search results? Now ask yourself where is my business ranking?

Digital Marketing is the new marketing platform, change has arrived and still is evolving as we speak. These days having on online presence for your business is simply a must , you may have a product or service that can speak for itself but what good is it when you have no audience ? no brand? & no presence? Valrizon Consulting takes a multi strategy approach to this combing all main stream digital marketing channels into an effective and lasting solution to your business.

When it comes to digital marketing & SEO we hear so many buzzwords like audience engagement, brand building and narratives but we never hear anything about customers? This is where Valrizon Consulting truly separates ourselves from the pack. We believe it’s far cheaper to maintain and grow a pre-existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer. Lots of businesses fail or never grow because they are simply unable to lower their customer acquisition cost in relation to lifetime value.

Valrizon Consulting aims to help businesses scale through lowering customer acquisition costs, leveraging on your current customer base and aggressively driving your business market share through a multi prong strategy that will ensure your business grows and scales to what you want it to be.


Valrizon Consulting , success that you can see

We at Valrizon Consulting believe that success is something you need to see and see in your bottom line , reach , impressions and shares do not pay the bills. Never forget that customers are the life blood of your company , don’t be fooled , results do not show up over night , results are produced with consistent , predicable and measurable actions. We tailor make our SEO , Digital Marketing , Social Media  and Customer management solutions to each client in a way to produce results , all fact and no fiction 

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"It’s not whom you know. It’s not how much money you have. It’s very simple. It’s whether or not you have the edge and have the guts to use it." - Mark Cuban

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